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If you are just finding out about this plan, the material below should provide a good background.  This is material we uncovered since July 23rd when many of us first learned about the project.  We are surprised how far it has advanced with little public knowledge!

Current Fairfax County Clermont Park materials  

Fairfax County reference materials  

Economic Studies: Park Effects on Home Values

Additional references


We are the residents living near Clermont Park who enjoy hearing the crack of the bat and cheering of youth baseball players during the day.  We also value the tranquility of this neighborhood at night and the value it brings to our homes.  We appreciate the remaining wildlife and native habitat in the area.

Clermont Park is located at:

4100 Franconia Rd.

Alexandria VA 22310

The park is administered by:

Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA)

Fairfax County, VA

It is currently a day use only park.